About Our Shop.

ο»ΏJolie Coquette is all about  beauty, play, travel, love, and exceptionally functional design. I started this brand because I love to play, am a hopelessly romantic coquette, and also have a master's degree in engineering and a bachelor's degree in design arts. As a result, I believe that playful, beautiful, and "traditionally feminine" apparel should be functional and supportive in technical ways. Mini-dresses should have pockets and playsuits shouldn't be a pain to use the restroom in (ie: enter the snap-crotch). Good design matters. That being said, each Jolie Coquette piece maintains innovative functionalities whilst embracing the playfully coquettish and romantic spirit of Jolie Coquette. I hope you love my playsuits...made for play, with love. -Kimber-Lee.