About Our Shop.

ο»ΏJolie Coquette is a line of beautiful, functional apparel. Made for play with love by Kimber-Lee Alston. We believe that beautiful, playful,  coquettish apparel should be functional and supportive in technical ways. Mini-dresses should have pockets and playsuits shouldn't be a pain to use the restroom in (ie: enter the snap-crotch). Good design matters. That being said, each Jolie Coquette piece maintains innovative functionalities whilst embracing the playfully romantic spirit of Jolie Coquette. Cue; rebellious provocateurs with devil-may-care sass, love poem writers, daisy field skippers, and spontaneous road trippers.


New to  San Francisco, I found myself in the Tenderloin with my skirt rudely blowing up and exposing my nether regions. Men were yelling obscene things at me and I felt betrayed by my apparel for not having my back(side)!  Naturally this insight (on there being a problem with the way apparel supports women) hurled me into interviewing 300+ women about their apparel wearing cumbrances and habits, and reading countless articles on the nature of the fashion industry. I realized that while men’s apparel is based on both function and form, women’s apparel is fundamentally lacking in everyday usefulness. For example, 90% of women's dresses don't even have pockets! - Kimber-Lee