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Los Angeles based brand JOLIE COQUETTE is a lifestyle inspiring sublime play for modern coquettes - Offering a line of delightful, superbly-functional Playsuits.
We're revolutionizing the way women's clothes are designed. Because "fashion" should be enabling, (fun)ctional, beautiful, and inspiring. Above all, we stand for the go-getter girls with dreams, passions, and a deep appreciation for spontaneous dance parties. All pieces are made for play, with love.



Our premier product and first re-invention is The Playsuit Reinvented. A beautiful, versatile romper equipped with; giant pockets, a snap crotch, strap guards, a hidden chest ID pocket, and skirt-like culottes for anti flash dress wearing.  

When an unwelcome gust of wind blew founder Kimber-Lee Alston’s skirt up to expose more of her body than she was comfortable revealing to her fellow San Franciscans, she was embarrassed — and inspired. “My first thought was I wanted to put on shorts that look like a skirt,” said Alston. She went on to interview over 300 women. Not long after, her idea turned into a Playsuit that had many elements of functionality. - SF Chronicle Style



JOLIE: Represents artfulness, intellect, science, and refined beauty.
COQUETTE: The rebellious, playful, and dance-all-day provocateur. 

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